Writer, Lumoid (2015 - Present)

Over at Lumoid - a place where you can rent tech when you need it - I write product reviews for audio equipment and wearables, as well as the occasional observation about photography and tech. You can check out my review of this really cool, really expensive wireless speaker or read about how forgetful I am.

I've written over 30 articles for Lumoid since October, 2015. 

Personality, Google+ (2011 - Present)

This is where everything started. As a Google+ Suggested User, my blog posts achieved over 52million impressions, 100k comments, and 288k +1's. I worked closely with Google and other brands (including the Trevor Project, MSNBC, and It Gets Better) on various online and in-person campaigns, reaching thousands. 

To see some of these blog posts / projects, check out my blog's 'Revived' category.

Guest Writing (2011 - Present)

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to be able to write about my interests at the places that would have me. Those places include BuzzFeed as a featured Community Poster, the Ad Council, sponsored posts for Chevrolet, and LGBT magazine The Advocate

The LittleBigFund (2013 - 2015)

In 2013, I founded a not-for-profit organization called The LittleBigFund. It told the stories of three other locally-focused organization a month, raising funds along the way and allows donors to decide where the fund they built together ended up.  Within 6months of founding, The LittleBigFund obtained a social following of over 110,000 with 1.8million impressions through purely organic growth.

The LittleBigFund is currently on indefinite hiatus. 

Want to learn more about my professional career? Check out my LinkedIn here.