Nexus 6P Review: The best Nexus is far from perfect

Earlier this year, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It was zippy, had a vibrant screen, a mediocre battery life I could live with thanks to fast / wireless charging, a sublime camera, and an unobtrusive customization of Android (called Touchwiz). It was the most perfect phone I've ever owned up until that point and was the first time I could, with true confidence, tell my iPhone 6-holding friends that we were equal.

Over the past week, I've been using the Nexus 6P as my main device after writing a scathing article about the phone's visor-like design. I've been reading review after review about how this is the best Android device ever made. 

I have to disagree - but the allure of stock Android and my recent love affair with larger phones will help look past the 6P's shortcomings (especially compared to the S6) as I continue to use it as my daily driver.

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Why it's Okay to have 1.2 Million Followers and an Engagement Rate of 0.014%

One of the best parts about being a Community Manager is that I get to feature fantastic users to the rest of the community. That's right. I'm the dude behind that Suggested User List you so badly want to be on. But I promise you that after you're on the list for a while, you'll ask me this: "Yesterday, I hit 100k followers and I was wondering... If I have so many followers, why am I getting only an average of 100 likes with 100k+ views?" Good. Question. Thankfully, there's a really rational answer to this that doesn't involve me telling you that your content simply isn't inspiring enough people - try harder.

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