Hey, I'm Carter. I'll make this face when I meet you.

When I was 18, I was bombing interviews for jobs I wouldn't love anyways - the worst of which was embarrassingly (and abruptly) cut short. This was at the same time Google decided to make me a Suggested User on Google+, forcing me to discover and hone in on my true passions: writing, community building, and activism.

Thrown to the wolves of the internet, I quickly learned the consequences of talking to large audiences and the importance of setting expectations. As I cultivated a following with finesses and authenticity, it hit me: I was becoming a community manager.

Flash forward to today and I'm still at it. Also, I love it. 

Community managers create programs to build loyalty, boost engagement, and retain users. We identify advocates and empower users to create compelling experiences. We're simultaneously the advocate for our company and for our users, finding middle ground and using our knowledge of the community to communicate effectively. It's a rewarding, challenging, important place to be.

When I look forward to the future, I eagerly anticipate working hard to build groundwork for more online communities, maintaining their health, and giving people places where they can be themselves - just like I was lucky enough to have when I was 18 (and bombing interviews).

The Basics

  • From Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Bachelors in Business Administration from American University
  • Bachelors in Film / Media Arts from American University
  • Love my parents and roller coasters
  • Started my career at the Ad Council (the Smokey Bear guys)
  • Began blogging on Google+, obtained 1.2million followers
  • Have kept a pepper plant alive for over a year (Update: It died)
  • Moved to San Francisco and will remain here forever
  • Was a Community Manager at UserVoice
  • Then I was a Community Manager, Mobile Games at KIXEYE
  • Currently a Senior Community Manager at the photo editing app PicsArt
  • Sutro Tower and the Bay Bridge bring me great joy
  • There are a lot of feelings in my Facebook statuses

Press / Editorials

To learn more about my professional experience and projects, see here.